Making Multi-Environment Service Networking on Microsoft Azure Easy With Consul

Oct 07, 2019

This talk is a deep dive into the features of HashiCorp Consul Service on Azure (HCS).

Do you use Microsoft Azure? Do you run a Kubernetes cluster? Do you run... MORE than ONE Kubernetes cluster? Do your Kubernetes applications need to talk to applications running on Azure VMs, a database on-premises, or to a stack of toasters running NetBSD in your closet?

Consul can help you adopt a service mesh, enabling a flat, fully encrypted network that spans multiple underlying networking environments. Sound intimidating? It's not! Learn how this can be made as easy as possible on Microsoft Azure using HashiCorp Consul Service on Azure.


  • Alex Dadgar

    Alex Dadgar

    Software Developer, HashiCorp
  • Brandon Chavis

    Brandon Chavis

    Solutions architect, AWS

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