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Solutions Engineering Hangout: Moving Your Legacy VMware Workloads to Nomad

If you have VMware-based apps that you'd like to migrate to a distributed cloud environment, Nomad can help make that easy.


  • Sean Carolan
    Sean CarolanSolutions Engineer, HashiCorp

Nomad is a simple, open source cluster scheduler with a lot of powerful use cases. One use case that HashiCorp solutions engineer Sean Carolan wants to explore in this engineering hangout is the migration of virtual machine workloads to clouds and containerized infrastructure.

In this demo, we'll be taking an old VMware application and placing it on Nomad to gain better operational efficiency and manageability without having to rewrite the app.


00:00 — Intro to Nomad

15:51 — Demo: Moving a VMware workload to Nomad

36:39 — Q&A

Questions asked during this webinar

  • How does Nomad compare to Kubernetes for this use case?
  • How would this workflow change if I wanted to run Docker containers?
  • Do I need to install Consul prior to Nomad?
  • Are there particular VMware Legacy application types that are not a good fit for Nomad?
  • Does Nomad support stateless workloads only? Or have you seen use cases where there is support for stateful workloads as well?
  • Can I run something similar to Mesos' Chronos scheduler on Nomad?
  • Can you define persistent storage volumes in the job?
  • Does Nomad support other VMware network drivers like vmxnet3 or paravirtualized?
  • Is there a way to guarantee Nomad only pulls artifacts from a specific source?
  • Can Nomad manage applications in multiple datacenters or clouds?

Be sure to check out the Nomad track on our new HashiCorp Learn Platform.

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