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Nomad Community Call - Nomad core team and SAP Ariba

HashiCorp Nomad and Developer Relations Teams present the first Nomad Community Call with talks from the Nomad core team and SAP Ariba. Date: 05/24/2018

At HashiCorp, we are always looking for new ways to engage our community. We're pleased to announce the first ever Nomad Community Call. The primary goal of this call is to give folks that use Nomad or are curious about Nomad, a platform to share their experiences. This might include demos, discussions, and questions by the Nomad community and folks that are on the call. Additionally, the HashiCorp Nomad team will be participating in the call to directly answer questions and showcase features that are part of the latest Nomad release. We will also have folks that are using Nomad in production showcase exactly how they are using it.

Nomad Community Call Working Document:


  • HashiCorp Nomad core team showcases features of Nomad
    • Example of using System and Service jobs to ingress traffic utilizing multiple types of drivers
    • Using deployments to safely upgrade between versions of a job without downtime
  • SAP Ariba talking about how they are using Nomad in production.
  • Open Q&A Session

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