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Provisioning and Managing Kubernetes on AWS with HashiCorp Terraform

Containers have changed the way organizations deploy, manage, and update their applications. Watch this webinar to learn how AWS and HashiCorp are working together to address the challenges of containers and hear from a mutual customer, Pearson, on how they have incorporated both Terraform and EKS into their application deployment strategy.


  • Adam Cavaliere
    Adam CavaliereSr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp
  • Chris Hein
    Chris HeinContainer Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Ben Somogyi
    Ben SomogyiPrinciple Systems Architect, Pearson

Provision Kubernetes with Terraform on AWS

The increasing popularity of containers has led to a rise in services like Kubernetes for scaling applications, automating updates, and deploying into multiple environments, including public clouds. Kubernetes on AWS is a very popular option for running individual workloads, but what do developers do when they want to manage entire clusters in the cloud? Previously, this required large amounts of manual configuration and oversight to ensure that Kubernetes and AWS were communicating properly. To ease these challenges, AWS recently introduced the Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS).

Managing these clusters, though, is just one piece of the application delivery story. To implement services like EKS, operators must first provision the underlying infrastructure to support it. As the application scales, so do the infrastructure needs. HashiCorp Terraform can help by enabling organizations to safely and efficiently provision and manage AWS infrastructure at any scale. Operators are able to create custom configuration files, version them, and the re-use them to provision infrastructure on demand. And now, Terraform users have the ability to create and manage EKS clusters through the AWS provider. In this webinar, we’ll hear how EKS and Terraform work together and how Pearson is implementing this capability currently.

Watch this Webinar to Learn

  • What is AWS EKS and how it works
  • How you can create and manage AWS EKS clusters using Terraform
  • How Pearson is using both tools as part of their Application Deployment strategy

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