Run a Cloud System of Record

Use consistent patterns at enterprise scale with HashiCorp products. Gain visibility into cloud usage that accelerates audits and compliance workflows.

Your challenge

Enterprises have always trusted systems of record with their most important information: customer accounts, sales data, employee records, and much more.

As mission-critical systems and business data move to the cloud, it’s time for a “cloud system of record” — a secure place to store all the metadata for your modern infrastructure systems.

The cloud system of record streamlines compliance and audits while ensuring best practices are followed for infrastructure provisioning, security, networking, and application deployments.

Use HashiCorp tools to store and manage infrastructure state files, secrets, service location and health, as well as application dependencies, and build artifacts.

Reduce risk and improve compliance

Create, track, and secure essential metadata and artifacts. Use consistent patterns at enterprise scale. Control and optimize cloud spending.

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    Consistent workflows drive uniform cloud patterns at scale

    Scale cloud success with repeatable workflows for infrastructure provisioning, secrets management, service networking, and application deployment.
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    Improve compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations

    Track and verify that standards are met for data protection, network encryption, permissions and access levels, as well as CVE remediation.
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    Optimize your cloud spending

    Ensure every new environment meets corporate cost standards while enabling self-service.
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[With Terraform Enterprise], all users immediately see if their code is compliant or not.

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Run a cloud system of record to improve security and simplify audits at scale

Reduce risk with a single workflow to secure, govern, and audit any infrastructure

Use a single workflow to secure, govern, and audit any infrastructure

  • Track and manage the state of your infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform’s infrastructure as code approach.

  • Increase productivity with a consistent workflow and reduce time to on-board new developers and support new cloud technologies.

  • Implement policy as code enforcement with HashiCorp Sentinel and Run Tasks for security, compliance, and operational best practices across all cloud provisioning.

HashiCorp Vault

Manage and rotate secrets. Encrypt everything.

  • Use dynamic secrets and HashiCorp Vault to improve security. Generate time-based access credentials dynamically based on policies and revoke access when the lease expires.
  • Encrypt application data with one centralized workflow that resides in untrusted or semi-trusted systems outside of Vault.
  • Adopt a zero trust model with identity-based access. Authenticate and access different clouds, systems, and endpoints using trusted identities.
Track services centrally and securely connect applications across environments

Track services centrally and securely connect applications across environments

  • Know what services are running at any given time with HashiCorp Consul. Track service location and health with a central registry.
  • Ensure all service-to-service communication is authorized and encrypted.
  • Control access to services at the point of entry and centralize traffic management.
Know what’s running in your environment with container lifecycle automation

Know what’s running in your environment with container lifecycle automation

  • Track and audit application dependencies and build artifacts with HashiCorp Waypoint.
  • View logs, builds, and releases with a single UI.
  • Use HashiCorp Nomad and a single workflow to deploy new and legacy applications across multiple data centers, regions, and clouds.
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Add to your cloud system of record with HashiCorp partners

Move to the cloud with confidence. HashiCorp has deep partnerships with hyperscale providers and experienced system integrators to help you get to the cloud faster.

Introduction to Sentinel - HashiCorp's Policy as Code Framework

Learn about Sentinel, a powerful policy as code language and framework built-in to HashiCorp Enterprise tooling to allow guardrails, business requirements, legal compliance, and more to be actively enforced by running systems in real-time.

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