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Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model with Google Cloud

Infrastructure Automation with HashiCorp on Google Cloud

To help organizations decrease costs, reduce risks and deploy faster, HashiCorp and Google have closely partnered to continually develop Terraform & Vault integrations, support, and services to help realize the value and flexibility of infrastructure as code (IAC).

Terraform jointly developed for Google Cloud

Terraform on GCP is jointly developed by HashiCorp and Google, with support for more than 250 Google Cloud resources

Leverage the Terraform Provider for Google to manage projects

Compute Engine instances, and Kubernetes Engine clusters managed, versioned, and easily recreated for your organization

Develop a Zero Trust Security model with HashiCorp Vault

Use Google Cloud to manage Google account keys and OAuth tokens based on IAM policies

Application Modernization with HashiCorp on Google Cloud

Most application modernization starts with evaluating existing applications. Together, HashiCorp and Google help organizations streamline existing application portfolios, improve efficiency, reduce complexity, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens

Working together, HashiCorp and Google help customers with a number of specific integrations like using Google Cloud credentials and identity, as well as Auto Unseal with Google Cloud KMS and a dedicated Secrets Engine for generating, managing, and encrypting data within GCP

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud applications

Users can authenticate to Vault using a central identity service (such as LDAP) and generate GCP credentials without the need to create or manage a new Service Account for that user

Service discovery and service mesh

Organizations running applications on Google, in VMs, containers, or across infrastructures, can use HashiCorp Consul for service discovery and service mesh when managing and securing connections between applications

Leverage Nomad, a simple and flexible workload orchestrator

Deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications

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