Delivering cloud infrastructure automation for operations, security, networking and application delivery on AWS.


    4 AWS competencies DevOps, Containers, Security, Migration 

    Over 2 billion downloads for the Terraform Provider on AWS

    HashiCorp Cloud Platform Consul & Vault on AWS

Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model with AWS

Infrastructure automation with HashiCorp on AWS

HashiCorp and AWS have a long-standing partnership helping customers transform their organizations. The Terraform Provider on AWS has over 950 resources and over 350 data sources, helping ensure Infrastructure and policies are codified, shared, managed, and executed within a workflow that is consistent across all your AWS or on-premises infrastructure.

  • HashiCorp Terraform as a Platform for CDK Applications

    HashiCorp Terraform follows an Infrastructure as Code approach and is extensible to support many providers of cloud infrastructure and software services

  • Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform

    HashiCorp and AWS have collaborated to provide you the ability to trigger industry best-practice account creation via Terraform, all from AWS Control Tower. Learn more

  • HashiCorp Vault coupled with the AWS Shared Responsibility

    Lessen the need for static, hard coded credentials through centralization. This helps encrypt sensitive data using centrally managed APIs and security encryption keys for tools like AWS IAM and KMS.

  • Develop a zero trust networking infrastructure

    Improve resiliency and visibility of services across AWS services like Amazon EC2, ECS, and EKS with HashiCorp Consul

Modernize your application delivery with HashiCorp and AWS

As organizations drive growth, retire legacy investments, handle continuous business needs, and improve financial posture, HashiCorp and AWS have partnered closely to help organizations maximize the value of the cloud while modernizing applications. Customers turn to tools like Vault, Consul, or Nomad when looking to rehost, replatform, refactor, or run their entire networking and security stack on AWS.

  • HashiCorp Cloud Platform, Consul on AWS

    A fully managed service, the easiest way to enable secure service networking and service mesh for workloads across Amazon EKS, EC2, AWS Lambda, and other AWS services

  • HashiCorp Cloud Platform, Vault on AWS

    Get up and running quickly with Vault on HashiCorp Cloud Platform. All of the power and security, without the complexity and overhead.

  • Utilize Vault for Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Secrets Management, and auto-unsealing to configure and encrypt AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS).

  • Leverage Nomad for Multi-datacenter Orchestration

    Deploy and manage any containerized, legacy, or batch application to AWS.

Earnin Nets a 5x Increase in Speed and Efficiency with HashiCorp and AWS.
HashiCorp is an important AWS Partner due to their critical place in accelerating our customers’ journey to AWS. We see their impact and work closely with them to deliver successful customer outcomes.
Ryan Broadwell, Global Director, ISVs at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ryan Broadwell

Global Director, ISVs at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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