Terraform Landing Zones

Landing Zones help you quickly set up and secure cloud environments based on best practices. Create a multi-account architecture, identity and access management, governance, network design, and telemetry without reinventing the wheel.

Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform

Designed to provide customers the ability to use AWS Control Tower but also have the advantage of a Terraform-based account provisioning pipeline, HashiCorp and AWS have collaborated to provide you the ability to trigger industry best-practice account creation via Terraform, all from AWS Control Tower.

Microsoft Azure Landing Zones

Azure provides native services for building your enterprise-scale landing zones. Azure’s Cloud Adoption Framework module provides an accelerated path for deploying the recommended platform resources you need to manage Azure landing zones at scale using Terraform.

Google Cloud Platform Account Blueprints

The Cloud Foundation Toolkit provides a series of reference templates for Terraform which reflect Google Cloud best practices. These templates can be used off-the-shelf to quickly build a repeatable enterprise-ready foundation in Google Cloud.