Deploy and Run Apps at the Edge

Use HashiCorp tools to deploy, run, and connect apps at the edge, closer to your customers.

Your challenge

Devices are everywhere, and connectivity is ubiquitous. The Internet of Things has evolved into something much larger: edge computing.

Cloud providers are expanding beyond datacenters and bringing computing power to the edge — close to where your customers live, work, and play.

This proximity opens a new world of possibilities for retailers, manufacturers, media companies, telcos and many other verticals. The key challenge: How do you deliver differentiated applications at the edge, where performance, efficiency, and security are paramount?

The HashiCorp stack is the ideal toolchain to help you build, run, and manage applications at the edge.

Bring apps to the edge - and delight your users

Bring best practices for infrastructure provisioning and lifecycle management to the edge. Secure edge devices and customer data with end-to-end encryption and secrets management. Run containers at the edge with a lightweight scheduler.

Hashicorp Products Used


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    Use proven infrastructure as code patterns at the edge

    Codify your application infrastructure at the edge. Reduce human error and increase automation.
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    Reduce your risk at the edge with centrally managed secrets

    Remove the need for storing secrets on edge devices. Improve your security posture with identity-based access for all sensitive data.
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    Securely connect services at the edge and across clouds

    Adopt zero trust networking with a service mesh that secures service-to-service traffic with identity-based security policies. Encrypt traffic with mutual TLS.
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[HashiCorp] Vault's design brings a ton of value to DevSecOps in edge environments.

Andrew McCormick
Lead Security Engineer, Starbucks

HashiCorp helps organizations achieve success at the edge

Automate infrastructure at the edge with HashiCorp Terraform

Automate infrastructure at the edge with HashiCorp Terraform

Codify your application infrastructure

Reduce human error and increase automation by provisioning infrastructure as code at the edge and everywhere else.

Manage infrastructure across clouds: public, private, and edge

Provision infrastructure across 300+ cloud services using a single workflow.

Create reproducible infrastructure

Provision consistent testing, staging, and production environments with the same configuration.

Improve your security posture at the edge with HashiCorp Vault

Improve your security posture at the edge with HashiCorp Vault

Secrets management

Centrally store, access, and deploy secrets across applications, systems, and infrastructure.

Dynamic secrets

A dynamic secret is generated on demand and is unique to a client, as opposed to a static secret, which is defined in advance and shared.

Simplify security at the edge with replication

Improve security at the edge with Vault replication. Allow edge-based systems to perform secrets management with centralized Vault environments.

Run and connect microservices at the edge with HashiCorp Consul

Run and connect microservices at the edge with HashiCorp Consul

Multi-platform service mesh with Consul

Use Consul service mesh to securely connect applications on any runtime, cloud, or on-premises environment.

Manage traffic with Consul

Consul offers the ability to manage L4/L7 traffic based on service identity and implement progressive delivery practices like canary deployments and A/B testing.

Load balancing with Consul

Consul can help bypass manual processes by automating load balancer updates to reflect the latest changes to your services.

Orchestrate containers efficiently at the edge with HashiCorp Nomad

Orchestrate workloads efficiently at the edge with HashiCorp Nomad

Streamline edge deployments with a simple topology

Deploy Nomad with a simple cluster topology on hybrid infrastructure to place workloads to the cloud or at the edge.

Easy federation at scale

Execute a single command for multi-region, multi-cloud federation. Deploy applications globally to any region using Nomad as a single unified control plane.

Deploy and scale with ease

Deploy to bare metal with the same ease as in cloud environments. Scale globally without complexity.

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Extend to the edge with HashiCorp partners

Expand your edge footprint with help from HashiCorp’s partner ecosystem.

It's All About Trust: Secrets at the Retail Edge

Deep dive into the architectural patterns that Starbucks used to build secret and identity management capabilities for 100,000+ retail edge devices.

Andrew McCormick

Lead Security Engineer, Starbucks

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