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Technical Support Services and Policies

Accessing Support

HashiCorp Support provides two methods for obtaining support assistance for our software:

  1. Portal Support: A ticket is opened through our Support Portal - preferred method
  2. Email Support: An email is sent to

Submitting a Request

When submitting a support request through either method, we ask that you provide as much detail as possible. This includes providing both environment (OS version, platform details, cloud provider(s), etc.) and diagnostic (operational logs, audit logs, etc.) information in your request. This will ensure the Support Engineer assigned to the ticket is able to triage the issue quickly and efficiently.

Note: If you are unable to provide environment and diagnostic information for troubleshooting, the assigned Support Engineer may not have sufficient information to begin work to resolve the issue. This could result in the ticket getting closed.

Support Services

HashiCorp Support is committed to helping you successfully install and utilize our software by:

  • Assisting with break/fix troubleshooting.
  • Helping resolve errors or failures encountered during installation or use of our products.
  • Identifying and documenting reported software defects, as well as assisting with workaround solutions.
  • Addressing specific questions and concerns related to the installation and maintenance of our software.
  • Providing support for the interaction between HashiCorp products and third-party software that are included with our products. Note: We do not provide support for any other vendor's software.

Long-Term Support

HashiCorp provides Long-Term Support (LTS) releases for certain commercial products. The LTS versions enable customers to stay on a supported major version for up to two years at a time, with a promise that HashiCorp will backport critical fixes and security patches, and provide hardened upgrade paths to the next LTS release. Learn more about LTS releases here.

Remote Support Sessions

In certain instances, HashiCorp Support Engineers may use remote support sessions, such as video conferencing, to troubleshoot and diagnose reported issues. Depending on the severity of the issue, certain guidelines may be required before obtaining a remote session.

For SEV-1 (production critical) issues

A remote session with an assigned Support Engineer will be offered to the customer immediately to assist with bringing production systems back online as quickly as possible.

For all other issues

A remote session can be scheduled for a future time with an assigned Support Engineer. To initiate these sessions, we require the customer to already have an active support ticket open with environment and diagnostic details (e.g. logs) provided in the ticket. Once verified, the assigned Support Engineer will arrange available times and connection details for a remote session.

Note: Remote sessions are held through our video conferencing provider, Zoom. Per company policy, we are prohibited from participating in any recorded sessions or calls, regardless of who initiates the session.

Not Provided

Assistance with Custom Code, 3rd Party Tools, or Unsupported Technologies

While we will assist with break/fix troubleshooting of issues and errors specific to our products, HashiCorp Support is not accountable for reviewing, writing (or rewriting), or debugging custom code. This includes any customer specific code or 3rd party tools you may be using with our products. Furthermore, we do not support any technologies or configurations that are not listed as supported in our product documentation. Our team will do their best in pointing you to available documentation online to assist you with the best path forward.

Consulting Services

Due to the limited resources and knowledge available about our customer’s environments, HashiCorp Support does not provide consulting services for our customers.

If you require further assistance with any of the following:

  • Comprehensive installation guidance
  • An architecture review or specific architectural guidance
  • Help with custom code

Please review our professional service offerings on our website under Enterprise Architecture and Implementation Services. For further guidance on the plan that is right for you, reach out to your Account Manager or Technical Account Manager for more info.