Technology organizations innovate with HashiCorp

Today's technology companies are under pressure to deliver differentiated digital experiences and grow revenue in new market segments.

This requires rapid innovation and automating core workflows wherever possible. At the same time, protecting core business systems and customer data remains paramount. For businesses built on innovation and speed to market, securing cloud infrastructure, data, and investments are crucial to continued success.

Top technology companies around the world work with HashiCorp to advance their multi-cloud strategy. Learn how they are using our stack to optimize their application delivery and infrastructure operations.

Who we work with

  • SaaS vendors
  • Enterprise software companies
  • Cloud service providers
  • Game developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • IT support and service organizations
  • Roblox
  • Pandora
  • autodesk
  • github
  • sap_ariba
  • sumup
  • anaplan
  • 2K Games
  • Q2

Nomad, Consul, and Vault pull our whole operation together into a unified ecosystem with all the features and capabilities in one place so that service builds and deployments that used to take us two or three days can now take 15 minutes.

Daniel Greene
Principal Systems Engineer, Pandora

Accelerate innovation and delivery of new products and solutions

  • Automate key processes for application delivery
  • Increase speed to market, and allow for rapid iteration on products and services
  • Leverage infrastructure as code to enable self-service for application teams
  • Reduce cost and time to market to develop new products and features across multiple clouds
  • Maintain strong security and governance controls for applications and infrastructure
  • Set policies and audit interactions to boost compliance with PCI and other regulations
  • Securely manage sensitive customer data across the application estate
  • Streamline security and permissions with a “shift-left” approach and extensive automation
  • Codify and automate processes and perform changes rapidly at scale
  • Automate secrets management, minimizing the risk of human error and breaches
  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual ticketing systems and waterfall processes
  • Quickly react to security incidents, major outages, and other critical operational events
  • Standardize workflows with a consistent cloud operating model across different interfaces and environments
  • Reduce employee on-boarding time with toolchain standardization
  • Optimize operational expense by reducing wasteful spending
  • Increase operational efficiency at scale with cloud-agnostic tools

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