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Infrastructure Provisioning

Infrastructure as code to enable and accelerate cloud adoption

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Cloud migration presents many challenges and organizations need operations for cloud infrastructure to be fast, consistent, and secure.


The adoption of cloud means organizations shift away from provisioning and managing static infrastructure, i.e. private data centers, to dynamic infrastructure across public clouds. The implication of dynamic infrastructure means IT operations teams must now provision and manage an infinite volume and distribution of services, embrace ephemerality and immutability, and deploy onto multiple target environments. HashiCorp provides the foundation for cloud infrastructure automation with infrastructure as code for provisioning, compliance, and management across public clouds, private data centers, and third-party services.

Challengesof cloud infrastructure provisioning


Central IT struggles with manual workflows that are slow and error-prone.

Developers want to improve application delivery, but are stymied by manual provisioning workflows.


Developers still request infrastructure via ticketing which is slow.

Policy enforcement is manual or non-existent which impacts productivity and risk.


Teams use multiple provisioning and management tools which decreases productivity.

Infrastructure automation lacks automation that is scalable, consistent, and reusable.

Enablingcloud infrastructure automation using Terraform

Terraform provides infrastructure as code for provisioning, compliance, and management across any public cloud, private data center, and third-party service.

  • Collaborative infrastructure as code

    Enables teams to write, share, manage, and automate any infrastructure using version control.

  • Cloud compliance and management

    With automated policy enforcement for security, compliance, and operational best practices.

  • Self-service infrastructure

    Enable developers to provision their desired infrastructure from within their own workflows.

Business impactof cloud infrastructure automation using Terraform

With Terraform, provisioning and security can be automated based on infrastructure and policy as code. Infrastructure and policies are codified, shared, managed, and executed within a workflow that is consistent across all infrastructure.

Increased productivity

Reduce time spent using manual workflows to create, share, manage, and provision cloud infrastructure.

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Reduced risk

Improve security posture, reduce non-compliance, and maintain operational consistency for cloud infrastructure.

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Reduced cost

Reduce unnecessary cloud spend by up to 40% from idle, orphaned, and over-sized cloud resources.

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Cloud infrastructure automation ecosystem with Terraform

Cloud infrastructure automation ecosystem with Terraform

Using Terraform as a platform for cloud infrastructure automation provides unified support across heterogeneous environments.

Terraform provides extensibility to integrate with workflows and technologies you’re already using and a broad ecosystem of integrations partners including over 200 infrastructure providers.

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