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Run and Secure Kubernetes at Scale

Deploy and Connect Apps Faster

Your challenge

Standardizing infrastructure on Kubernetes is a popular strategy. And it’s a smart one — Kubernetes is a powerful technology that opens a world of possibilities.

And therein lies the challenge. Platform teams are faced with many choices for how to run Kubernetes reliably and securely. From there, continuously deploying apps to Kubernetes is the next task.

Increasingly, organizations are using HashiCorp to achieve better business outcomes with Kubernetes. Learn how our tools can help you advance your Kubernetes journey.

Accelerate your Kubernetes adoption

Use industry-standard tools to provision and update Kubernetes resources. Adopt a zero trust model to reduce risk. Securely run and connect enterprise apps on top of Kubernetes.

Hashicorp Products Used


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    Simplify lifecycle management of resources

    Codify your Kubernetes infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform. Reduce human error and increase automation by provisioning infrastructure as code.
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    Manage secrets and protect sensitive data

    HashiCorp Vault helps you reduce the risk of breaches and data exposure with identity-based security automation and Encryption-as-a-Service. Vault securely stores Kubernetes secrets and automates secrets injection into apps and infrastructure.
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    Automate networking for simple and secure app delivery

    Use HashiCorp Consul to create a service mesh for modern apps and improve security with identity-based authorization, L7 traffic management, intelligent ingress routing, and service-to-service encryption.
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Because secret management and Kubernetes wasn't that well-crafted...Vault was a no brainer.

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HashiCorp helps organizations achieve success with Kubernetes

Full Kubernetes lifecycle management with Terraform

Full Kubernetes lifecycle management with Terraform

Unified workflow

If you are already provisioning Kubernetes clusters with Terraform, use the same configuration language to deploy your applications into your cluster.

Full lifecycle management

Terraform doesn't just create resources, it updates and deletes tracked resources without requiring you to inspect the API to identify those resources.

Graph of relationships

Terraform understands dependency relationships between resources. For example, if a Persistent Volume Claim claims space from a particular Persistent Volume, Terraform won't attempt to create the claim if it fails to create the volume.

Improve your Kubernetes security posture with Vault

Improve your Kubernetes security posture with Vault secrets management

Simple deployment

Bring Vault to your Kubernetes environment using the official HashiCorp Vault Helm chart. 

Run Vault as a service

The Vault server cluster can run directly on Kubernetes. This can in turn be used by applications running within Kubernetes as well as external to Kubernetes, as long as they can communicate with the server via the network.

Access and store secrets

Applications using the Vault service running in Kubernetes can access and store encrypted secrets from Vault using a number of different secret engines and authentication methods.

HashiCorp Consul

Run and connect microservices at the edge with HashiCorp Consul


Consul supports both Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes workloads on any runtime. Wire services together across clusters, platforms, and clouds.

Kube-native workflow

Use Consul’s custom resource definitions (CRDs) to manage traffic patterns, control ingress, and update Consul configurations. This helps you reduce application deployment times using a “workflows not technologies” approach, and Kube-native tools instead of manual scripts.

Ready for observability

Use built-in UI metrics and enable Kubernetes metrics via helm configuration. For more advanced deployments, add popular tools like Prometheus and Grafana, or use third-party solutions to monitor performance.

Easy application deployment for Kubernetes and Amazon ECS

Easy application deployment for Kubernetes and Amazon ECS

Simple developer experience

HashiCorp Waypoint provides a simple and consistent abstraction for developers to easily build, deploy, and release applications.

Application-centric abstraction

Use Waypoint to specify deployment needs with a simple and consistent abstraction that avoids the underlying complexity.

End-to-end deployment workflow

Waypoint offers distinct build, deploy, release steps to help move and manage resources efficiently.

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Complement your Kubernetes environment with HashiCorp partners

Build around your Kubernetes environment with HashiCorp’s partner ecosystem.

HashiCorp and the Kubernetes Ecosystem

If you're working in a Kubernetes ecosystem, would you ever need tools like HashiCorp Terraform, Vault, Consul, or Nomad? Kubernetes does have some overlap in functionality with many of these tools, however, HashiCorp products also integrate and can fit nicely into a Kubernetes system because they may provide improved ways to handle various challenges like secrets management, service discovery, service mesh, and more.

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Armon Dadgar

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