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Protect sensitive data across clouds, applications, and systems

Your challenge

All application data should be encrypted, but deploying cryptography and key management to infrastructure is expensive, hard to develop against, and not cloud or multi-datacenter friendly.  

Dealing with the encryption challenge is the reality for many enterprises today, especially those that must adhere to PCI-DSS and HIPAA guidelines. 

These organizations need to ensure the security of data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information, such as PII. The solution to these challenges: secure application data at rest and in transit with one centralized encryption workflow.  

HashiCorp Vault and Consul encrypt and tokenize application data for a superior security and compliance posture.

Protect sensitive data with intuitive APIs for encryption and secure communication

Vault and Consul provide encryption-as-a-service with centralized key management to simplify data encryption. Use these products together to encrypt data and authorize traffic across clouds and data centers.

Hashicorp Products Used


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    Reduce risk

    Increase protection against data exposure by encrypting sensitive data in transit and ensuring trusted connections between services.
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    Increase security consistency and automation

    Empower your teams with consistent API-driven workflows, automation tools, and cryptographic standards across the organization.
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    Reduce costs and complexity

    Save by eliminating the need for expensive hardware security modules (HSMs) and licensing.
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With HashiCorp’s help, we were able to...increase the speed and number of secrets we can store by a factor of ten.

Liem Pham
Director of Cybersecurity One Mount Group, VinID

Encrypt data at rest and in transit to increase the security of critical systems


Encrypt and tokenize application data with Vault

Vault’s various data protection capabilities are designed to satisfy a full range of security and usability needs. It simplifies protecting data in transit and at rest across clouds and datacenters by providing traditional data encryption, format-preserving encryption (FPE), data masking, data tokenization, and centralized key management.



Vault provides Encryption-as-a-service with centralized key management to simplify encrypting data in transit and at rest across clouds and data centers.

  • API-driven encryption: Encrypt and decrypt application data with an HTTP (TLS) API call. Key management, encryption algorithm, and more are offloaded and centrally managed by Vault.
  • Encryption key rolling: Update and roll new keys throughout distributed infrastructure while retaining the ability to decrypt encrypted data.
  • FIPS 140-2 & cryptographic compliance: Use FIPS 140-2-certified HSMs to ensure that critical security parameters are protected in a compliant fashion.
  • Replication filters: Selectively whitelist/blacklist and activate/deactivate secrets engines  for replication filtering to protect against the distribution of secrets and key material to unwanted regions.

Encrypted and authorized service-to-service communication

Consul ensures that service-to-service communication is authorized based on mutual authentication, encrypted in-transit, and governed by identity-based policies.

Using Vault, Consul creates trusted connections between services:

  • TLS ensure cluster communication is verified, mesh or non-mesh
  • mTLS require that services mutually authenticate connections based on trusted authority
  • Cert management generates, distributes, and rotates intermediate certificates automatically

What are the advantages of Vault encryption as a service?

Learn about the value of a high-performance, encryption-as-a-service system like the one in Vault

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Lance Larsen

Solutions Engineer , HashiCorp

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