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Use HashiCorp tools to move to the public cloud quickly, safely, and securely. Reduce CapEx and accelerate innovation.

Your challenge

Migrating to cloud infrastructure is a top priority for many reasons: to retire existing datacenters, to lower capital expenses, and to gain more access to developer-friendly cloud services.

In addition, adoption and migration to multi-cloud environments is increasingly becoming a priority.  According to the 2023 HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey, of those who have begun this multi-cloud transition, 92% said it was, or would in the next 12 months, work to help them deliver on their desired business results

To perform this move smoothly, enterprises need to consider how to industrialize the application delivery process across each layer of the cloud. Simply “lifting-and-shifting” virtual machines from one place to another won’t result in transformational outcomes.

The HashiCorp suite of tools provides solutions for each layer of the cloud to enable enterprises to migrate to the public cloud and industrialize cloud usage at scale.

Migrate to the public cloud with confidence

Reduce your data center footprint. Modernize people, tools, and processes to focus on self-service and speed optimization.

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    Accelerate time to delivery

    Automate the key processes involved in application delivery and enable self-service for application teams. Save weeks or months compared to traditional approaches.
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    Reduce risk and improve security and governance

    Maintain strong security and governance controls. Enable security and compliance teams to set policies and audit interactions.
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    Improve operational efficiency

    Standardize workflows and implement a consistent cloud operating model. Narrow the skills gap and simplify security and governance challenges.
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With Terraform, infrastructure development and deployment that used to take more than a week can now be done in less than 30 minutes.

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Move to the cloud faster and with less risk


Deliver reproducible infrastructure as code with HashiCorp Terraform

Build a trustworthy foundation for your cloud migration with consistent, repeatable infrastructure provisioning workflows.

Codify your application infrastructure
Reduce human error and increase automation by provisioning infrastructure as code.

Manage infrastructure across clouds
Provision infrastructure across 300+ public clouds and services using a single workflow.

Create reproducible infrastructure
Provision consistent testing, staging, and production environments with the same configuration.

HashiCorp Vault

Manage secrets and protect sensitive data with HashiCorp Vault

Support your move to the cloud with centralized storage of your most sensitive data, and make it accessible via API to authorized users.

Identity-based security

Vault brokers and deeply integrates with trusted identities to automate access to secrets, data, and systems.

Application and machine identity

Secure applications and systems with machine identity and automate credential issuance, rotation, and more. Enable attestation of application and workload identity, using Vault as the trusted authority.

User identity with Vault

Leverage trusted identity platforms you use every day to secure, store, and access credentials and resources.

HashiCorp Consul

Securely connect applications with HashiCorp Consul

Connect cloud-based systems of engagement to systems of record running on-premises

Discover services

Create a central registry that tracks services, updates, and health statuses in real time.

Secure networking

Ensure all service to service communication is authenticated, authorized, and encrypted.

Automate networking

Reduce the operator burden by automating key networking tasks.

Access services

Control access to services at the point of entry and centralize traffic management.

HashiCorp Nomad

Run and scale apps with HashiCorp Nomad

Ease your cloud migration with standardized development workflows for all dev teams

Flexible orchestration for any app

Use Nomad to run and scale containers, stateful workloads, batch jobs, and more.

Install and run on-premises and in the cloud with ease

Install and run Nomad as a single binary in any environment.

Zero downtime deployments

Achieve zero downtime deployments for applications through rolling updates or blue/green and canary deployment strategies.

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Accelerate your move to cloud with HashiCorp partners

Move to the cloud with confidence. HashiCorp has deep partnerships with hyperscale providers and experienced system integrators to help you get to the cloud faster.

How Should Executives Lead a Cloud Transformation?

Some executives have developers try to build net-new systems of engagement without any workflows or controls, but the key to successful cloud migration is a common set of workflows, automated policies, and central shared services that developers can use to channel applications securely and successfully onto the cloud.

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Dave McJannet

Chief Executive Officer, HashiCorp