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Public sector organizations innovate with HashiCorp

The era of digital government is here. The shift to cloud computing brings big challenges and big opportunities.

Sophisticated cyber threats require organizations to employ a zero trust security philosophy to protect critical systems and data.

Meanwhile, citizens want uninterrupted access to government services on their favorite devices. And they want apps that are intuitive and secure.

Further impacting this transformation are shortages of essential cloud skills complicating organizations ability to operationalize their multi-cloud strategy.

Every agency is making bold investments in mission-critical cloud programs. Learn why organizations partner with HashiCorp to accelerate their cloud journey. 

Who we work with

  • Federal civilian government agencies
  • Department of defense and intelligence agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • State and local government and educational institutions
  • Systems integrators and ISVs serving government agencies
  • US Navy
  • DHS
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Department of Defense
  • US Air Force
  • Marines
  • US Army
  • US Intelligence Community

The Federal Government must adopt security best practices; advance toward Zero Trust Architecture; accelerate movement to secure cloud services … and invest in both technology and personnel to match these modernization goals.

President of the United States
Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity

HashiCorp accelerates digital transformation for public sector agencies

  • Reduce risk of a breach by centralizating Identity AuthN/AuthZ
  • Encrypt tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, and secrets in transit and at rest
  • Reduce regulatory compliance effort across key standards including FIPS by dynamically rotating secrets
  • Centralize infrastructure/application deployment governance to meet strict security and compliance standards
  • Accelerate transformation of infrastructure into cloud and hybrid networks with infrastructure as code
  • Eliminate wasted effort on manual workflows through cloud automation
  • Reduce spending on unused, idle, orphaned, and oversized cloud resources
  • Reduce on-boarding time for new development teams
  • Streamline provisioning of cloud resources to accelerate authorization to operate (ATO)
  • Eliminate manual deployments with bespoke toolchains
  • Streamline AuthN and AuthZ workflows across dev teams and microservices
  • Centralize service registry and service discovery across clouds
  • Deliver new digital services and websites to constituents faster
  • Reduce time-to-market by automating key application deployment processes
  • Increase resource efficiency through elimination of manual ticketing systems
  • Empower contractors with secure, centralized access to perform critical application deployment tasks

Continue your mission

Whether it’s through our software, hiring veterans, or helping military families and organizations in our communities, we’re committed to supporting those who protect and serve. The team at HashiCorp includes many veterans who bring significant leadership, capability, and experience to all aspects of the organization. We thank all those who have worked in the service of their country and invite veterans to continue their mission with HashiCorp. In fact, the HashiCorp team relies on prior USAF, Army, Navy, USMC, intelligence, special ops, and volunteer personnel helping us understand current day-to-day challenges.

Ready to get started?