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Bring modern orchestration benefits to containerized, non-containerized, and batch applications.

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While known for its goal of automating and simplifying application deployment, an orchestrator itself can be extremely complex to implement and manage.

HashiCorp Nomad combines a lightweight resource manager and a sophisticated scheduler into a single system that allows you to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-premises deployments and clouds at scale.

Deploy and manage apps on-premises, at the edge, and on any cloud.

HashiCorp Nomad is a simple and flexible scheduler that can run a diverse workload of containers, non-containerized, microservice, and batch applications.

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    Orchestrate any application

    Nomad supports containerized, VM-based, and standalone applications. Extensible task drivers allow you to manage a broad set of workloads across all major operating systems.
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    Standardize deployment workflows

    Use a single workflow to deploy new and existing applications across multiple datacenters, regions, and clouds.
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    Manage federation at scale

    Use a single command for multi-region, multi-cloud federation. Deploy applications globally to any region using Nomad as a single unified control plane.
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Coming from the Kubernetes world, Nomad’s operational simplicity was a refreshing alternative. We were able to spin up a Nomad cluster over a weekend and move it to production in just two weeks.

Jonathan Cross and Carlos Robes

Maximize infrastructure and reduce operational overhead across IT environments


Lightweight and scalable

Nomad runs as a single binary and is entirely self contained — combining resource management and scheduling into a single system.

  • It does not require any external services for storage or coordination and automatically handles application, node, and driver failures.
  • Distributed and resilient, using leader election and state replication to provide high availability in the event of failures. 
  • Optimistically concurrent, which increases throughput and reduces latency for workloads.
  • Nomad has been proven to scale to clusters of 10K+ nodes in real-world production environments. Learn more about the latest scalability benchmark: The 2 Million Container Challenge.

Maximize resource utilization with intelligent workload scheduling and autoscaling

The Nomad scheduler primarily uses a bin-packing algorithm when making job placements on nodes.

  • Nomad automatically applies a job anti-affinity rule, which discourages colocating multiple instances of a task group. The combination of this anti-affinity and bin packing optimizes for density while reducing the probability of correlated failures.
  • Dynamic application sizing in Nomad Enterprise enables Nomad to right-size applications to their most efficient levels of resource consumption based on infrastructure and organization needs and policies.

Manage stateful workloads

Nomad allows users to mount persistent data from local or remote storage volumes into task environments in several ways:

  • Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugins
  • Nomad host volume support
  • Docker volume drivers.

Integrate with the Nomad ecosystem to easily extend capabilities

Nomad has native integrations with HashiCorp Consul and Vault.

  • Consul provides automated clustering, built-in service discovery, and service mesh for secure service-to-service communications.
  • Many workloads require access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets. To enable secure, auditable and easy access to your secrets, you can use Vault with Nomad.
  • Nomad also integrates with popular monitoring and observability tools like Prometheus, Datadog, and Grafana.

How Does Nomad Work?

Learn about what HashiCorp Nomad provides, its architecture, its UX, and how it helps operators at various companies.

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Andy James

Senior Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp

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Nomad provides modern orchestration benefits to containerized, non-containerized, and batch applications.