Recorded Webinar

HashiCorp Nomad for Kubernetes Practitioners

Join this webinar if you come from a Kubernetes background and are exploring Nomad or evaluating both tools. In this session, we will explain Nomad's core concepts and demo basic operations through the lens of Kubernetes.


Our speaker, Iris Carrera, is a Site Reliability Engineer on the Cloud Services team at HashiCorp. Over the past five years she has worked on cloud infrastructure and site reliability, where she has gained Kubernetes and Nomad operations experience in production environments. As a practitioner going through the journey of Nomad after Kubernetes, her experience may help you get up to speed with Nomad quickly.


  • 0:00Nomad for Kubernetes Practitioners Presentation
  • 25:00Live Demo
  • 33:45Live Q&A


Iris Carrera
Iris Carrera

Site Reliability Engineer, HashiCorp