Media and entertainment brands innovate with HashiCorp

Media consumption habits are changing. To compete and gain market share, brands must create a new differentiated digital experience across devices.

At the same time, protecting systems and customer data remains paramount. As the saying goes, trust is earned over time, and can be lost in an instant.

Top media and entertainment companies work with HashiCorp to advance their multi-cloud strategy. Learn how they are using HashiCorp to deliver secure and unique experiences across multiple digital channels.

Who we work with

  • Advertisers and marketing agencies
  • Media firms
  • Brands
  • Game developers
  • Carriers and service providers
  • Comcast
  • Fox
  • 2K Games
  • RedVentures
  • Sky Bet
  • Roblox
  • Seat Geek
  • Criteo
  • Ubisoft

As long-time Terraform users, upgrading to Terraform Cloud made a lot of sense because we could offload the responsibility of having to run and manage different platforms and services ourselves without sacrificing the consistency and efficiency we’d built over the years with Terraform.


HashiCorp accelerates digital transformation for media and entertainment brands

  • Accelerate innovation of new customer experiences
  • Automate key processes for application delivery
  • Enable self-service for application teams
  • Reduce cost to develop new products and features simultaneously across multiple clouds
  • Maintain strong security and governance controls across infrastructure
  • Set policies and audit interactions to boost compliance with industry regulations and corporate best practices
  • Securely manage sensitive customer data across the application estate
  • Reduce the risk of poor customer experience due to downtime from service failures and breaches
  • Codify and automate processes to make changes rapidly at scale
  • Automate secrets management, minimizing the risk of human error and unforeseen breaches
  • Improve productivity by eliminating manual ticketing systems and waterfall processes
  • Increase velocity of application deployment through cloud-agnostic workload orchestration
  • Standardize workflows with a consistent cloud operating model
  • Reduce the time required to train and on-board employees via toolchain standardization
  • Increase operational efficiency at scale through cloud-agnostic tools
  • Optimize operational expense by reducing wasteful spending

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