Announcing Terraform Enterprise Active/Active Architecture General Availability

Customers can now run Terraform Enterprise across two application nodes for increased reliability and scale.

Today, we are proud to announce that Terraform Enterprise can be deployed in a highly available manner across two instances. This capability has been the number one feature request as our customer’s organizations have adopted infrastructure as code. It is the result of a year of partnering with some of our largest customers to accomplish two goals:

  • Zero downtime from application node loss
  • The ability to horizontally scale beyond one node

»Introducing the Active/Active Architecture

The new deployment pattern is an evolution of our previous reference architectures, which means the work you have already done is still valid and can be easily extended:

  1. Prepare your existing network for cross-node communication and Redis
  2. Provision cloud-managed Redis next to your existing Terraform Enterprise instance
  3. Connect your existing instance to the newly provisioned Redis service
  4. Scale to two nodes

All-in-all we have seen customers make the migration in a matter of days across all three public clouds.

»Scale Up Today

Do you have an immediate need to scale to two nodes? Please reach out to your Technical Account Manager to plan out a smooth journey to Active/Active.

For more information on Terraform Enterprise, visit the Terraform product page. To learn more about Terraform, visit the HashiCorp Learn platform and see it in action.

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