HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem passes 3,000 providers with over 250 partners

The Terraform integrations ecosystem has reached a new milestone, surpassing 3,000 providers in the registry.

3,000+ Terraform providers

HashiCorp Terraform now supports more than 3,000 integrations with more than 250 partners, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Confluent, Datadog, MongoDB, Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, and Zscaler. These providers include cloud, networking, private datacenter and SaaS tooling your organization already uses.

The breadth of its ecosystem allows Terraform to standardize infrastructure as code to provision and manage all infrastructure. This enables developers to work within their existing workflows while adopting a standardized provisioning workflow for infrastructure visibility and policy enforcement. Terraform also cuts provisioning times and reduces failed infrastructure builds and costly misconfiguration errors.

»Terraform providers

Terraform providers are the plugins that allow Terraform to interact with all the services you need to successfully manage your infrastructure. You can find all providers on the Terraform Registry, which is the public directory of Terraform providers, and hosts providers for most major infrastructure and SaaS platforms.

Providers allow you to quickly and easily define resources and data sources using the HashiCorp configuration language (HCL) without having to learn many unique APIs. There are four kinds of providers:

  1. Providers that we maintain (HashiCorp providers)
  2. Providers our technology partners maintain (partner providers)
  3. Providers our community members maintain (community providers)
  4. Providers you or your teammates write for your company and share internally (private providers)

HashiCorp's unique approach to ecosystem extensibility makes it simple to create new and custom providers that leverage infrastructure-specific APIs to preserve unique capabilities for each provider. As a result, Terraform’s ecosystem has grown rapidly to include providers for the services and tools your organization relies upon.

»Terraform modules, policies, run tasks

Other key components of the Terraform ecosystem include modules, policies, and run tasks, which help organizations add security, compliance, and governance into their workflows without sacrificing speed or agility.

Terraform modules allow you to templatize and reuse Terraform configuration files in a single directory so you don’t have to write the same infrastructure components from scratch. Today, we have more than 12,000 modules in our public registry, and organizations with Terraform Cloud or Terraform Enterprise are able to set up their own private registries, allowing teams to create and curate modules through a central, internal repository for those with less infrastructure expertise.

Terraform policies let organizations create guardrails around infrastructure usage and can also be found in the Terraform Registry. Terraform Cloud and Enterprise users can compose policies as code with HashiCorp Sentinel and publish Sentinel policies in the Registry for discovery and reuse.

Terraform run tasks allow organizations to integrate an ecosystem of more than 20 third-party security, compliance, and cost tools within a Terraform run, all without having to write Sentinel policies. Both policies and run tasks allow you to embed automation-based guardrails into provisioning workflows, turning manual checks and governance into an automatic process, reducing manual code review, and speeding up provisioning.

»Learn more about Terraform integrations

We are thankful to our partners and community members for their valuable contributions to the HashiCorp Terraform ecosystem. Our ecosystem is improved by each new module, policy, or provider that is added, giving practitioners the ability to automate an even wider set of tools throughout their infrastructure deployments.

Visit the Terraform Registry for the latest providers, modules, policies, and run tasks. Interested in developing your own provider? Check out the Terraform Plugin Framework. Learn more about the partner verification process with the Terraform Integration Program.

If you haven’t already, get started for free on Terraform Cloud to provision and manage all your infrastructure.

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