Case Study

Automating FedRAMP Security Compliance with Terraform

Learn how to build secure-by-design infrastructure as code in Terraform that meets the standards of FedRAMP regulations.

Security compliance surrounding cloud-based infrastructure and applications is a requirement for federal agencies or service providers who work with federal agencies. This security compliance requires organizations to utilize compliance frameworks like the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) to validate their security posture in the cloud.

What You'll Learn

In this talk, we will look at how Terraform can be used to achieve robust security controls meeting the strenuous prescriptions of FedRAMP. You will learn how Terraform modules can be leveraged for cloud agility, such that infrastructure is described in terms of its architecture, rather than directly in terms of its resources. And you will also see how Terraform can enable organizations to meet FedRAMP's requirements with minimal friction by utilizing templatized, secure-by-design infrastructure as code.


You can find the slides for this presentation here.

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