Scaling Microservice Releases on Kubernetes: The Ambassador Edge Stack and Consul Service Mesh

Mar 09, 2020

Learn how to use Consul, Ambassador, and more to build an edge stack that automates edge TLS cert creation and renewal.

In case you haven't heard, microservices and Kubernetes are the future for many software companies. They help scale development efforts and increase runtime resilience.

But how do you scale your release process as the number of services you expose to your end users begins to increase? And how do you do this while handling user traffic appropriately? The answer is that you need to think about creating a self-service platform that supports configuration of both ingress and service-to-service communication.

Join this talk to learn about how the Ambassador Edge Stack and Consul Service Mesh can help scale an effective developer experience for releasing microservice.

» What You'll Learn

  • Two primary challenges when moving to microservices and Kubernetes
  • Why you might need an edge stack hat provides an API gateway + Layer 7 load balancer + Kubernetes Ingress
  • The benefits of integrating Consul with Ambassador to manage releases
  • How to automate edge TLS certificate creation and renewal, and support full edge-to-service TLS with Consul

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