New Terraform Cloud Search to Streamline Workspace Search and Switching

A new search capability available for all tiers in Terraform Cloud will allow you to easily switch between workspaces and organizations in the UI.

Adopting infrastructure as code is a prerequisite for management at scale. HashiCorp Terraform provides many ways to structure your repositories based on what works best for your organization. HashiCorp Terraform Cloud provides organizations with a fast and easy way to adopt Terraform, and it also helps solve issues of visibility at scale.

A few short months ago, we introduced the concept of workspace tags. Assigning these tags to workspaces is a fantastic way to filter and isolate the overall workspaces view. The next question is, how do you improve upon the process of switching between workspaces in the UI? We are announcing a new search capability to Terraform Cloud, allowing you to easily switch between workspaces and organizations.

»Terraform Cloud Search

Terraform Cloud Search, available now for all tiers of Terraform Cloud and soon in Terraform Enterprise, provides a new, streamlined approach to searching for workspaces and switching between workspaces. This new search capability extends to organizations as well. There are two main ways to engage with the search functionality. The first is through a new magnifying glass icon located across the top-level menu bar in the Terraform Cloud console. The second option is to use a simple keyboard shortcut of “command + k.”

Once the search option is engaged, you are offered the opportunity to search workspaces or organizations. After selecting one of the two, as you enter your search information, you will see a live filter of the available options and be able to switch directly to the desired item. Additionally, the search feature is available in every area of the console. This means you can switch from one workspace to another without jumping to the main workspaces page. You can even jump from a workspace to an entirely different organization.

Terraform Cloud Search

We want to thank CommandBar, who has partnered with us in exploring cmd+k quicksearch options. We have learned a lot from them on implementation best practices

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HashiCorp Terraform Cloud is continuously improving the way workspaces are organized and managed. Terraform Cloud Search is the newest addition and provides a great new way to search and switch between workspaces and organizations.

Terraform Cloud is free to get started, and organizations can upgrade to the Team & Governance or Business tiers at any time. To get started, sign-up for Terraform Cloud and follow our Get Started tutorial or contact HashiCorp Sales.

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