User Story Videos from HashiTalks 2022

Insightful case-study sessions were plentiful at this year’s HashiTalks. Check them out in these user-story video highlights from the virtual conference.

In our first two HashiTalks 2022 blogs, we spotlighted talks on observability, Consul-Terraform-Sync, HashiCorp Nomad experimentation, and Kubernetes integrations. Today we’re highlighting talks focused on real-world use case stories from a variety of industries using many HashiCorp products.

»Compliance At Scale: Hardened Terraform Modules at Morgan Stanley

Brett Tegart and Itay Cohai recount how their team at Morgan Stanley implemented secure Terraform modules that enforce cloud security controls by default, allowing free development of cloud service provider accounts and resources without requiring additional security review. Sentinel policy as code was the key. They wrote policies that blocked direct creation of Terraform resources, limiting users to the secure modules that derive values from the Terraform or CSP environment instead of allowing user input.

»Massive Terraform Imports and Why You Should Avoid Building Monoliths

Joe Bell shares a retrospective from Twitter where engineers were forced to import thousands of resources into Terraform. Luckily they were able to do this quickly and safely with Sentinel and a few other open source tools. Hear their story and learn how you can avoid this kind of mess in the first place.

»Changing with HashiCorp at Mastercard Data and Services

Ryler Hockenbury describes the replatforming effort at Mastercard Data and Services and how the company adopted HashiCorp Terraform, Packer, and Vault. Learn about the changes in mindset and processes needed for the adoption to be fully impactful across the entire organization.

»How Sunrise Banks Built a Symmetric Multi-Cloud Architecture with Terraform and Vault

Sanjay Narendran tells the story of how Sunrise Banks used a symmetrical architecture pattern with Terraform Cloud to construct a globally scalable cloud presence on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Symmetrical architecture involves creating mirror images of VNets/VPCs and subnets across global datacenters and identifying persistent structures from ephemeral assets during Day 0 deployment. See how this allowed Terraform Cloud to rapidly provision symmetrical copies of the bank’s datacenter across the globe and across clouds.

»How We Built a DevOps Dojo to Upskill Our Organization in Terraform

Brad McCoy shows how he built a DevOps Dojo at several companies to adopt Terraform and bring deployment times down from six weeks to one hour, improving infrastructure security. He also shows you how you can build an educational Dojo at your own organization.

»How HashiCorp SREs Built HCP's Incident Management Program

Martin Smith and Michael Main reveal how we built our incident management program for the HashiCorp Cloud Platform. Learn how HashiCorp’s cloud SREs worked with engineering teams to orchestrate this process and see what they think the future holds for incident management at HashiCorp.

»Building an Internal Development Platform at Bloom & Wild with Terraform

Ivan Zupanicic shares Bloom & Wild’s journey to break up its monolith into microservices. Hear how the flower company’s platform team leveraged Terraform, Terraform Cloud, and GitHub Actions to build a framework that allowed the development team to spin up new microservices in a matter of minutes.

»More Highlights on the Way

We’ve already posted HashiTalks 2022 highlight blogs covering Nomad explorations, observability, Consul-Terraform-Sync, and Kubernetes integration. In the coming weeks, we plan to post highlight roundup blogs for many other HashiTalk sessions, covering topics including Terraform tips and strategies, Terraform CI/CD, image pipelines, and helpful Vault and Boundary techniques.

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