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Kubernetes Video Highlights from HashiTalks 2022

There were many popular Kubernetes sessions at this year’s HashiTalks. Watch the highlights from the virtual conference here.

In our first HashiTalks 2022 highlights blog post, we shared a handful of talks on observability, Consul-Terraform-Sync, and HashiCorp Nomad experimentation. Today we wanted to highlight talks focused on Kubernetes use cases with various HashiCorp products.

»Forget About DB Credentials with Terraform, Vault, and Kubernetes

Carlos Juan Gómez Peñalver explores the pain points of secrets management and rotation in highly regulated financial environments and showcases his strategy for giving engineers an easy, automated method for database access. See how he built low-time-to-live dynamic credential provisioning with Kubernetes, HashiCorp Vault, and Terraform. His system also includes restricted profiles and full auditability.

»A Waypoint 0.7 Deep Dive

Saiyam Pathak takes a close look at Waypoint and the features introduced in Waypoint 0.7. HashiCorp Waypoint is an application deployment tool that aims to deliver a PaaS-like experience for Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and other platforms.

»Service Mesh and Your Legacy Apps: Connecting to Kubernetes with Consul

Marc LeBlanc explains why you might want to connect cloud-based microservices and on-premises legacy apps. He also shows how to do it with a demo of HashiCorp Consul’s mesh gateway connecting a legacy application with one hosted on Kubernetes.

»Simplify Networking in Kubernetes Using Consul and Wireguard

Greg Robinson demonstrates how to route traffic to and from clusterIP virtual services from outside the Kubernetes cluster network, and then resolve .consul addresses from outside that same cluster network. He also shows how running a Wireguard server in a Kubernetes cluster and connecting your application to Vault using Consul DNS provides more visibility into the cluster when troubleshooting is required.

»How to Build a Multi-Context Lab for Kubernetes

Hoon Jo showcases a multi-context lab-environment project he’s created for Kubernetes. These are sometimes hard to deploy and HashiCorp Vagrant is a key component to simplifying this setup.

»Dynamic User Creation with MySQL on Kubernetes and HCP Vault

Sergey Pronin explains how HashiCorp Vault is used to provide dynamic credentials to connect to a database using a unique password for every login or service account. The demo in this talk features an integration between Percona Kubernetes Operator and HCP Vault to provide dynamic user creation for a MySQL cluster.

»Take Control of Your Data by Integrating HashiCorp Vault

Elif Mosessohn-Samedin and Andrei Buzoianu share how their organization leveraged HashiCorp Vault to instrument Kubernetes and Restic as an end-to-end secure data-backup solution that protects data during transit and at rest.

»More Highlights on the Way

In the coming weeks, we plan to spotlight many more of the HashiTalks 2022 sessions, covering topics including large scale use cases, Terraform tips and strategies, Terraform CI/CD, image pipelines, and helpful Vault and Boundary techniques.

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