Vault, Boundary, and Zero Trust Videos from HashiTalks 2022

Several of this year’s HashiTalks showcased useful strategies and use cases for HashiCorp Vault and Boundary. Watch the videos here.

In our first three HashiTalks 2022 blogs, we spotlighted talks on observability, Consul-Terraform-Sync, HashiCorp Nomad experimentation, Kubernetes integrations, and case studies. Today we’re highlighting talks focused on tips and strategies for HashiCorp Vault, HashiCorp Boundary, and implementing zero trust security.

»'Static Typing' in Vault

Glynn Forrest shares what he’s learned building tools that add static typing to Vault secrets, and how they can help teams work together with Vault in a more reliable way. These tools can help put Vault secrets in a standardized format that your applications are expecting so they don’t break. Here is the code from the demo for this talk.

»How to Migrate from Vault Open Source to Vault Enterprise

Nick Young guides you through the considerations, approaches, and pitfalls of an upgrade migration to Vault Enterprise and presents a demo that shows how to upgrade an existing open source Vault cluster to Vault Enterprise with hardware security module (HSM) integration.

»Codify Your JWT/OIDC Vault Auth Method with Terraform

Guy Barros shows how you can use Terraform to codify Vault's JWT/OIDC auth methods using GitLab, Okta, and GitHub. This demo-driven session starts with a helpful mental model and includes a Git repo to unify JWT/OIDC Vault auth Terraform projects and a repo containing Terraform code to automate the creation of Vault JWT auth for GitHub Actions.

»Upgrade Your Vault Using Failover

Laurentius Purba believes upgrading your HashiCorp Vault instance should be clean, manageable, and reversible. In this talk, Laurentius explores how Vault failover can help you upgrade your existing Vault deployment and shows you how to perform upgrades on open source Vault using this method.

»Take Control of Your Data by Integrating HashiCorp Vault

Elif Mosessohn-Samedin and Andrei Buzoianu share how their organization leveraged HashiCorp Vault to instrument Kubernetes and Restic as an end-to-end secure data-backup solution that protects data during transit and at rest.

»Zero Trust Security and Identity Management with Boundary

Suman Chakraborty explains how HashiCorp Boundary abstracts away the complexity of granting and maintaining access to infrastructure resources, providing a linear approach. Traditional approaches such as VPNs, bastion hosts, and gateway nodes are often chosen to bridge connections between private and public networks, but these are complex and expensive to set up. Boundary provides a more modern way to access hosts and critical systems without having to manage credentials or expose your network.

»More Highlights on the Way

We’ve already posted HashiTalks 2022 highlight blogs covering Nomad explorations, observability, Consul-Terraform-Sync, Kubernetes integration, and case studies. Our final highlights blog will include videos covering Terraform tips and strategies, Terraform CI/CD, and Packer image pipelines.

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