HashiCorp Certified a Great Place to Work

93% of our employees say HashiCorp is a great place to work. In this blog, we share the results from our recent Great Place to Work Trust Index employee survey.

We are pleased to share that HashiCorp is now a Great Place to Work certified company, with  93% of our employees agreeing HashiCorp is a Great Place to Work. When asked the question “Why work at HashiCorp?”’ The most commonly used words in responses included principles, people, culture, remote, community, and leadership. 

Why Work at HashiCorp employee responses

Employees also overwhelmingly agreed that HashiCorp is a welcoming place, and that employees are given a lot of responsibility, care about one another, are proud to tell others they work here, and that our leadership team is honest and ethical in its business practices.

A Welcoming Environment 

97% of our employees believe employees are made to feel welcome when they join the company. We’re really proud of this because at HashiCorp, we are focused on building an inclusive culture. We want employees to feel inspired and enabled to do their best work, which is why we are committed to embracing differences to drive innovation, and why we are working hard to integrate inclusive practices into every aspect of the business. 

97% of employees believe you are made to feel welcome when you join the company

A Caring Environment 

96% of our employees believe people care about each other here. We’re proud of the professional, kind work environment we’ve built, and we’re fiercely protective of maintaining it as we grow. Our team is solving serious technical and business problems for the largest organizations in the world, which means we take our work seriously, but we do it with integrity and in alignment with our principles. 

Our culture is based on nine principles that are the foundational characteristics of the company and serve as the rubric for decision making in a collective, consistent manner. The HashiCorp principles are: Integrity, Kindness, Pragmatism, Humility, Vision, Execution, Communication, Beauty Works Better, and Reflection. 

Grow With HashiCorp 

96% of HashiCorp employees believe that individuals are given a lot of responsibility. At HashiCorp, we believe employees are able to have a direct impact on the companies that drive our global economy. We’re undergoing hypergrowth, which means there’s huge growth potential for employees. We’re planning to hire several hundred more employees this year, which means current and future employees will have abundant opportunities to expand their role in the direction of their interests, and to solve important problems that have never been solved before.

If you’d like to learn more about our Great Places to Work certification and what our employees have to say, visit our GPTW page and our How HashiCorp Works website to learn more about what it’s like to work at HashiCorp. 

If you want to learn more about current opportunities at HashiCorp, check out our open roles. 

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