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Vault integrations with Coder, Cohesity, Confluent, Veritas, and more strengthen customer security

Seven new HashiCorp Vault ecosystem integrations extend security use cases for customers.

HashiCorp’s approach to identity-based security provides a solid foundation for companies to protect, connect, and inspect infrastructure, applications, and data in multi-cloud environments. The seven new Vault partner integrations highlighted here extend the HashiCorp ecosystem into even more security use cases.

Vault q2 24 integrations

»HCP Vault Secrets integrations

HCP Vault Secrets is HashiCorp’s secrets management service focused on centralization and synchronization with multiple secret stores. The newest HCP Vault Secrets integration is with Coder:


Coder, a self-hosted remote-development platform that helps shift software development from local machines to the cloud, launched a new HCP Vault Secrets integration. This integration allows developers to use HCP Vault Secrets within Coder to retrieve secrets for pipelines and workflows.

»Vault Enterprise integrations

We’re pleased to announce four new Vault Enterprise integrations:


Cohesity provides AI-powered data security, replication, and management. It has released a new Vault Enterprise Cohesity KMIP integration that allows Cohesity and Vault customers to offload cryptographic operations from the Cohesity platform to Vault and store critical KEK and DEK cryptographic keys inside Vault Enterprise.


Collibra’s Data Intelligence Platform allows flexible governance, continuous quality, and built-in privacy. The company has completed a new Vault Enterprise integration with its on-premises Edge solution that allows Edge to keep vital secrets outside of its platform while capitalizing on Vault’s security features. Secrets are fetched from Vault and used only during job execution. The secrets are then removed from the Edge site once the integration has completed execution. With this integration, customers can implement credential rotation and management seamlessly with Edge.


Qualys, which specializes in cloud security and compliance through its vulnerability-identification and scanning tools, recently completed a new Vault Enterprise integration. Customers taking advantage of Qualys’ Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response platform can now leverage Vault for secret storage and retrieval at time of scan for increased security throughout their environments.


Veritas, a secure multi-cloud data management and protection company, announced a new Vault Enterprise integration with its Veritas 360 Defense platform. This integration ties Vault KMIP with Veritas 360 Defense so users can centrally manage and protect their encryption keys to meet governance standards, rotate and distribute keys in a scheduled or on-demand fashion, and make data unreadable to unauthorized parties. Encryption of data at rest, on tape, on disk, or in the cloud helps prevent theft of data.

»Vault Community Edition integrations

We’re pleased to announce a pair of new HashiCorp Vault Community Edition integrations:


Confluent, which provides a commercial platform for managing real-time data streams for event-driven architectures, launched a new plugin for Vault Community. The Confluent Cloud plugin for HashiCorp Vault allows applications to automatically generate and store Confluent Cloud (CC) keys and secrets inside Vault. Applications connecting to Confluent Cloud no longer need to be configured with CC keys and secrets and instead need access only to Vault. Additionally, Vault seamlessly manages rotation and revocation of CC secrets, easing the operational burden on security and developer teams.


Postman, an API platform that streamlines collaboration and helps teams develop, document, test, and demo high-quality APIs at scale, released a new Vault Community integration. This integration allows Postman API development workflows to securely access secrets stored in Vault.

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