Videos From HashiTalks: Africa Now Live

We are pleased to announce that all sessions from April’s HashiTalks: Africa are now posted and available to watch individually. Credit for the success of HashiTalks: Africa goes to the 20 speakers from across the continent that joined the schedule, sharing 14 technical talks and 5 non-technical community talks. 17 of the 54 African countries were represented in registration with leading viewership from Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

While HashiCorp will continue to produce a HashiTalks for the global community during the last week of February each year, we are pleased that our first HashiTalks in this regional format was well-received and look forward to growing the program to serve various geographic communities.

We sincerely thank all of the viewers and speakers that joined us for the live stream and submitted to our call for papers. To find the slides for our HashiTalks: Africa talks, visit this HashiCorp Community thread. And if you’re interested in how we plan and launch our HashiTalks live stream events, we’ve recently open sourced our process in this GitHub repository.

»Watch your favorite HashiTalks: Africa sessions here:

  • **[Everything as Code: The New Software Development and Delivery Workflow

](https://www.hashicorp.com/resources/everything-as-code-the-new-software-development-and-delivery-workflow)** — Samuel Nwoye (Tags: Terraform)

»What’s Next?

HashiTalks: Japan will be our next regional HashiTalks event, scheduled for Thursday, July 2. Connect with your local HashiCorp User Group chapter to stay informed about the upcoming open CFP and registration.

We hope you’ll join us in person for one of our future community events or for our upcoming conference: HashiConf Digital in June.

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