HashiCorp Ambassadors
Making our community more vibrant & collaborative

The Ambassador program and its group of individuals mirrors the core tenets of our broader community. The program recognizes efforts to support community growth and accessibility, focusing on three key elements:

Knowledge sharingMentorshipKindness

Who are the HashiCorp Ambassadors?

HashiCorp Ambassadors are individuals who are committed to the spirit of open source. They actively share knowledge about HashiCorp tools through content creation, local events and productive, thoughtful feedback, while advocating for and adhering to the HashiCorp Principles.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Networking


    One of the most crucial benefits of participating in the program is access to learn from and collaborate with other community members who are sharing their talents, knowledge and experiences.

  • Exclusive perks

    Exclusive perks

    Group members receive a thank you care package, have access to exclusive product release briefings, roadmap reviews and feedback sessions.

  • Growth opportunities

    Growth opportunities

    We look for opportunities to collaborate with Ambassadors, including, but not limited to: blog writing, video content, certification development participation, or conference talks.

How can I apply or nominate someone from the community?

At the beginning of each calendar year we accept applications and nominations from community members and employees to recognize individuals who have been active in their efforts during the preceding twelve months.

Open date: December 22 - January 31