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Accelerate Transformation with Terraform on AWS Landing Zone 

Many enterprises and organizations often maintain multiple AWS accounts in order to create a strong isolation barrier between workloads, with each account having their own security access controls and auditability. With the large number of design choices, setting up a multi-account environment can take a significant amount of time, involving the configuration of multiple accounts and services. Terraform on AWS Landing Zone helps customers provision infrastructure in minutes and set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment based on AWS best practices.

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In this session you will

  • Identify the challenges faced when building an application in the cloud
  • Discover modern tools designed for and available to solve these challenges
  • Understand the important role security plays in
  • Learn how AWS and HashiCorp Terraform allows you to achieve an automated and secure infrastructure


David Wright
David Wright

Global Partner Solutions Engineering Lead, Microsoft (WW), HashiCorp

Welly Siauw
Welly Siauw

Principal Partner Solutions Architect, AWS