Recorded Webinar

Boundary Target-Aware Workers

Boundary deployment patterns can often be complex in the multi-datacenter and multi-cloud operating models, usually driven by the desire to reduce latency or comply with security standards.

In this session, we explore how Boundary's Target-Aware Workers can be applied to effectively control which workers are allowed to handle a given target's session. This leverages worker tags to ""tie"" a worker to a given target. A common pattern using this approach can enable a single set of controllers to live in one region with workers in many other regions or networks where the targets they proxy live.

Snapshots Agenda (SGT/AEDT)

  • 10.30am (SGT) / 1.30pm (AEDT)Welcome & Introduction
  • 10.35am (SGT) / 1.35pm (AEDT)Demo
  • 10.45am (SGT) / 1.45pm (AEDT)Q&A



Anthony Burke
Anthony Burke

Sr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp