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Nomad 1.1: Oversubscription, Reserved CPU Cores, Autoscaler, and More

May 19 | 04:00 PM UTC | 1 hr

We are pleased to announce the release of HashiCorp Nomad 1.1. This release delivers 10+ new features for greater scheduling flexibility and simplified operator experience. The core Nomad scheduler is upgraded with several new resource control mechanisms to unlock higher efficiency and better performance. This release also includes new CSI volume management capabilities for broader stateful workload support. The Nomad Autoscaler now supports high availability deployments and horizontal cluster autoscaling on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Jacquie Grindrod
Jacquie Grindrod

Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

Taylor Dolezal
Taylor Dolezal

Sr. Developer Advocate, HashiCorp


During this webinar, we will focus on providing feature walkthrough and hands-on demos of some of the most exciting features included in this release. Some of these include: memory oversubscription and reserved CPU cores for better performance and cluster efficiency, the cluster autoscaler on public clouds with new strategies supported, and the CSI enhancements for better integration with ceph.


  • Memory Oversubscription
  • Reserved CPU Cores
  • Autoscaler Update
  • CSI With Ceph Demo

Register for the live webinar