Recorded Webinar

No more M.O.A.N (The Mother of All Networks): Redefining the Intelligent Network with Cisco ACI and HashiCorp Consul

Your company has adopted DevOps principles. Great, you’re now deploying multiple times a day in a fully automated fashion. But Sue, the network engineer is trying to keep up with all these new network services she has to deploy and support while keeping production secure. What if, from definition to deployment, application services could define networking and security requirements at the infrastructure layer, in an automated and fully synchronized way?


Join us for this webinar, where we’re going to demonstrate how Cisco ACI, HashiCorp Consul and Consul-Terraform-Sync can work together to provide end-to-end application discovery, network visibility and infrastructure orchestration.


  • 9:00 - 9:05 am PT Introduction & the value proposition of Consul + ACI
  • 9:05 - 9:25am PTConsul Overview
  • 9:25 - 9: 40am PTACI integration + Consul Overview - Demos
  • 9:40am - 10am PTLive Q&A


Nathan Pearce
Nathan Pearce

Consul Specialist, HashiCorp

Nic Vermande
Nic Vermande

Technical Marketing Engineer - ACI and Open Source, Cisco