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Self-service Infrastructure Using ServiceNow and HashiCorp Terraform

Infrastructure provisioning used to be done by manually executing processes on physical machines. As organizations started migrating to the Cloud, DevOps teams began to create resources manually on a cloud provider. Later on and in order to optimize, infrastructures were scripted specifically for the cloud provider, speeding up the process but increasing dependence on the specific Cloud provider. Now DevOps can utilize HashiCorp Terraform App from the Service Catalog at ServiceNow to spin up resources using Infrastructure as Code in a way that is Cloud provider and industry agnostic, even allowing developers to provision their own infrastructure. This practice not only saves resources, time and costs, but also enforces standardization and decreases risk by preventing human error. Join our webinar to learn how this integration works, how it allows for user self-service using point and click, and how you can take advantage of this new app at the Service Store.


Learn how integrating Terraform with ServiceNow can help your organization move to self-service provisioning safely and efficiently, in any environment including multi-cloud.

Agenda (Pacific Time)

  • 9:00am - 9:05amWelcome and Introduction
  • 9:05am - 9:30amServiceNow and HashiCorp Terraform Integration
  • 9:30am - 9:45amDemo
  • 9:45am - 10:00amQ&A


Paul Welch
Paul Welch

Sheeraz Memon
Sheeraz Memon

Senior Staff Engineer for Innovation, ServiceNow