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The 5 essential principles of modern privileged access management - Americas & Europe

Privileged access management (PAM) protects your organization by allowing users to access only the resources that are authorized to them.

HashiCorp takes a more modern approach to PAM that focuses on identity-based controls in cloud-driven environments. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to implement five core principles of modern PAM that combine HashiCorp Boundary and Vault for:

  1. Authentication and authorization: Use existing identity providers for single sign-on access and deter unauthorized users with a centralized authentication workflow.

  2. Timebound, least privileged access: Integrate Vault-managed secrets into Boundary for a consolidated workflow and timebound access across networks, credentials, and sessions.

  3. Automation and flexible deployment: Support dynamic and multi-cloud environments with automated resource onboarding.

  4. Streamlined DevOps workflow: Deploy PAM in a consistent and repeatable manner with automation-first workflows for time-limited access at scale.

  5. Auditing and logging: Meet compliance regulations with session recording and audit logs.

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