Recorded Webinar

Using HashiCorp Vault as a centralized credential resolver from ServiceNow

HashiCorp recently announced a new integration with ServiceNow that enables HashiCorp Vault to be used as an external credential resolver in ServiceNow. This integration enables organizations to use Vault as their centralized secrets store for ServiceNow workflows to reduce secret sprawl while leveraging Vault’s granular access and audit capabilities.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why organizations choose HashiCorp for secret management
  • Why organizations choose ServiceNow for end-to-end visibility and workflow automation
  • How ServiceNow and HashiCorp Vault seamlessly work together to secure secrets when performing discovery and automating workflows to third party systems


Alex Cahn
Alex Cahn

Sr. Partner Alliances Manager, HashiCorp

Steve Emerson
Steve Emerson

Senior Principal Outbound Product Manager, ServiceNow