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ZTS 301: Secrets Management with Vault

Best practices for zero trust security: Secrets management with Vault

According to HashiCorp’s 2023 State of Cloud Strategy Survey, 88% of organizations consider security to be the most important factor in the success of their multi-cloud strategy. But in modern cloud environments, traditional security perimeters become obsolete and IP addresses are no longer a scalable or safe form of identity.

HashiCorp Vault provides security automation to manage secrets and protect sensitive data. Vault is built around identity-based security and forms the foundation of a zero trust approach, along with HashiCorp Boundary and Consul. Watch this webinar to learn how Vault has become the standard in identity-based security and addresses your zero trust security needs with:

  • Static and dynamic secrets lifecycle management
  • Kubernetes secrets
  • Automated service account rotation
  • Database credentials rotation
  • Automated TLS and PKI management
  • Data encryption and tokenization
  • Key management with KMIP

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Watch the recorded webinar

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