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Aerospike is a next-generation, NoSQL database platform, designed to unlock instant access at extreme scale for intelligent applications increasingly relying on more data, analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies. Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture™ is optimized for data-intensive applications that need to break through cost and capacity barriers at petabyte scale without breaking the bank. Aerospike includes Kafka, Spark, JMS connectors and a number of many high performing client Libraries such as Java, C, Python, Node.js, and Go.

Getting Started with Vault

Aerospike Database directly integrates with Hashicorp Vault. It allows selected configuration parameters to be migrated from using secrets stored on the local filesystem to Hashicorp Vault secrets. This reduces the attack surface, solves the distribution problem, and allows IAM policies to be defined and centrally administered independently of Aerospike deployments. A Vault Database Secrets Engine plugin for Aerospike provides static roles, dynamic roles, and root credential rotation.

Aerospike Logo