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Logz.io is a cloud observability platform for modern engineering teams. The Logz.io platform consists of three products—Log Management, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Cloud SIEM — that work together to unify the jobs of monitoring, troubleshooting, and security. We empower engineers to deliver better software by offering the world's most popular open source observability tools— the ELK Stack, Grafana, and Jaeger—in a single, easy to use, and powerful platform purpose-built for monitoring distributed cloud environments.

Getting Started with Vault

Providing visibility into who is accessing what and when, these audit logs can play a key role in a SOC. Users can collect these logs and ship them into a log management solution for further analysis. To be more proactive, however, a more sophisticated solution is required that can provide threat intelligence and alert when necessary. In this linked article, you’ll learn how to install Vault, enable audit logs, ship them to Logz.io Security Analytics and use the provided rules to get alerted on Vault events.

Logz.io Logo

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