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    Co-Engineered Terraform Provider for Azure
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    HashiCorp Consul Service (HCS) on Azure; A Fully Managed Service through the Azure Marketplace
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    Consul integration for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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    Microsoft 2019 & 2021 OSS on Azure Partner of the Year Award & 2020 Alliance Global ISV Partner of the Year Award
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    Vault Fully Supported on Azure
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    Verified Azure DevOps Provider for Terraform

Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model with Microsoft Azure

Infrastructure Automation with Terraform on Azure

HashiCorp and Microsoft have deep collaboration co-developing and supporting the provisioning of resources on Microsoft Azure. With Terraform on Azure, provisioning and security can be automated based on infrastructure and policy as code. Infrastructure and policies are codified, shared, managed, and executed within a workflow that is consistent across your Azure or on-premises infrastructure.

Scale self service infrastructure with Terraform

Provision infrastructure within your own workflows, while managing compliance, governance protocols, and cost-estimation

Achieve consistency with template-based configuration

Define, provision, and configure Azure resources in a repeatable, scalable, and predictable manner

Deploy infrastructure to multiple Azure regions and across on-premises environments

The jointly-developed Azure Provider for Terraform can be used to configure infrastructure in Microsoft Azure using the Azure Resource Manager APIs

Application Modernization with HashiCorp and Microsoft Azure

As organizations look to the unlimited scale of Azure for distributed applications, it’s critical to develop new, consistent workflows to deliver to new environments like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Together, HashiCorp and Microsoft help organizations across modernization projects to:

Connect modern and legacy applications across hybrid-environments

Using Consul or HashiCorp Consul Service, a fully-managed service on Microsoft Azure

Build a zero-trust security model

HashiCorp Vault for Identity & Access Management (IAM), secrets management, and server configuration with Azure Key Vault

Application Modernization with HashiCorp and Microsoft Azure

HashiCorp Nomad provides the scheduling and management capabilities required to run a single container

Learn how Mercedes boosted efficiency using HashiCorp Consul and Azure.
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HashiCorp and Azure have worked together on a myriad of innovations. Examples of this innovation include tools that connect cloud-native applications to legacy infrastructure and tools that secure and automate the continuous deployment of customer applications and infrastructure
Brendan Burns, Corporate Vice President, Azure Compute
Brendan Burns

Corporate Vice President, Azure Compute

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