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HashiCorp products provide users the workflows necessary to deploy their applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The OCI Terraform provider connects Terraform to the service infrastructure that you want to manage. Users can create and manage resources like compute, storage, or networking, using a dedicated Terraform for Oracle Cloud. OCI terraform provider support for all the OCI services and features that are generally available. The continued collaboration of both companies will provide organizations more resources aimed at easing the shift to a dynamic, cloud environment.



How Oracle works with HashiCorp Product Suite

Provision Infrastructure

Operators moving into the cloud face three unique challenges: addressing infrastructure heterogeneity, managing scale, and enabling self-service consumption across organizations. To address these challenges for users adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), HashiCorp offers a dedicated Terraform provider for provisioning and managing Oracle cloud-based services. Users can write configurations using infrastructure as code, check them into version control, version them, and run a few commands to test and apply changes to their Oracle infrastructure.

OCI also provides a managed terraform service – Resource Manager. In addition to the benefit of usual terraform provider, the service provides additional ones such as state management, integration with OCI services, drift detection and resource discovery.

Terraform Intergrations for Oracle:
Terraform Provider
OCI Modules

Additional Resources:
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Terraform Workshop
Resource Manager
Resource Manager Workshop

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Secure Secrets

Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys for secrets and other sensitive data using a UI, CLI, and HTTP API. For Oracle users, Vault offers a dedicated secrets engine for managing and generating dynamic Oracle Database credentials. Using Vault with Oracle Cloud makes it easy to ensure policy is being enforced across your entire organization while transitioning to a dynamic infrastructure.

Vault Integrations for Oracle:
Oracle Database Credentials

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Run Applications

Nomad is a flexible, enterprise-grade cluster scheduler that can run a diverse workload of micro-service, batch, containerized and non-containerized applications. Nomad's lightweight architecture and zero external dependencies minimize operational overhead in any on-prem or public cloud environment. Nomad Enterprise adds collaboration and governance capabilities, allowing organizations to run Nomad in a multi-team setting and meet governance and policy requirements. Using Nomad in conjuction with tools like Terraform allow for easy integration to a number of Oracle Public Cloud services.

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Connect Applications

Consul is a service mesh offering for discovering, securing, and configuring services within across infrastructure. Consul clusters allow agents to talk across data centers to provide health monitoring, K/V storage, and a variety of other services.

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