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Netbr is a leader and pioneer in Latin America in architecture and implementation services for Identity and Access Management projects at all levels of the organization. It includes all layers of privilege (PAM), and governance (IGA), in addition to administration and management of consumer-focused identity (CIAM). And it also embraces the control for employees, partners and affiliates (IAM/VDS), with full stack of services automation (DEVOPS). Since 2003, Netbr has promoted global alliances with the main players in the area of access automation technologies and identity management based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the philosophy of basing access security with automated context-based methods, Netbr develops and implements “zero trust” networks with compliance automation and a focus on frictionless access to ensure the best user journey. Large Netbr projects in several IAM disciplines help promote digital transformation in more than 50 large organizations in Latin America in industries such as Telecom, Financial Sector, Retail, E-commerce, Air, Health, Utilities and Government.

Regions served

  • AMER

    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Peru
    • United States

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