Boundary pricing

HCP Standard

Starting at$0.50per session


Pay only for what you use and access HashiCorp's premium support and services

First 50 sessions per month are free

Pricing scales with sessions


Open Source
HCP Standard

Just-in-time network and credential access for sessions via HashiCorp Vault

OIDC (Single sign-on to target services and applications via external identity providers)

Managed groups

Access as code to automate the configuration of user permissions

Credential brokering

Dynamic host catalog (automated discovery of target systems)

Session monitoring and management for access created via Boundary

Workflow approval (via integration with Indent)

Audit logs

Audit log streaming

Automatic updates


Multi-hop sessions

Credential injection (all protocols)

Push button deployment


Open Source
HCP Standard


Premium support and services

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Compare features across tiers for HCP Boundary and Boundary OSS.

Frequently asked questions

HCP Boundary enhances Boundary OSS by additionally assuming responsibilities for maintaining, monitoring, and scaling the Boundary deployment. Additionally, HCP Boundary comes with enterprise capabilities that simplify observability such as audit log streaming, advanced secrets management capabilities, and integration with Vault.

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Boundary uses identity to secure remote access to hosts and services across any environment. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.