HashiCorp Packer creates golden images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.

Packer product image
  • Push image metadata to the registry

    The HCP Packer registry aligns the workflows of image factories and image deployments, allowing operations and development teams to work together to create, manage, and consume images from a centralized source.

  • Identify relationships with ancestry tracking

    Track dependencies between parent and child images to streamline build and deployment processes and quickly identify out-of-date images.

  • Promote images with channels

    Packer channels let you label image iterations to describe the quality and stability of the build. Channels give you control over the delivery of your images.

  • Revoke insecure images

    Machine images can become insecure — revoke an image iteration immediately or at a designated time during its lifecycle.

Integrate with your existing platforms

AWSMicrosoftGoogle Cloud ProviderDockerVagrantVMWare


Generate images for multiple platforms using builder plugins.

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Customize images with integrated and third-party tools to meet your application requirements.

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Common use cases for Packer

  • Automated machine images

    Create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. By codifying commonly used base images as golden images, they can be standardized, secured, and updated using automation.

  • Golden image pipeline

    Automate updates for base images and downstream builds. Track image metadata, including parent/child ancestry relationships, to identify out-of-date builds. Extend image management to provisioning workflows with Terraform integration. Identify the correct version of images for downstream consumers to use by assigning image iterations to custom channels.

  • Image compliance

    Codify security hardening and compliance baselines to ensure golden images are consistent. Using channels in the Packer image registry, the approved version of every image is discoverable and vulnerable images can be revoked to prevent their use.

Get started with Packer

Packer standardizes and automates the process of building system images. Get started for free and pay only for what you use.