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HCP Vault Secrets

Free up to 25 Secretsper month


SaaS based, centralized secrets lifecycle management for developers.

No credit card required

Pricing scales with secrets and API calls

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HCP Vault Dedicated

Starting at$1.58per hour


Dedicated cloud instance for identity-based security to manage access to secrets and protect sensitive data.

Enterprise support included

Price scales with clients and clusters

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For enterprises with special security, compliance, and additional operational requirements.

Enterprise support included


HCP Vault Secrets
HCP Vault Dedicated

Versioned key value storage

User & group management

Vault agent

UI with cluster management


Dynamic secrets

Leasing & revoking secrets

Secrets sync

available as upgrade


HCP Vault Secrets
HCP Vault Dedicated


Premium support and services

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Frequently asked questions


The Development single-node instance is designed for individual users and building proof of concept projects, it is not designed to be used for production environments. The Standard cluster is a production-ready multi-node highly available Vault cluster that can support enterprise applications.

HCP Vault is currently available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

HCP Vault Secrets is a more focused Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering of HashiCorp Vault that focuses primarily on secrets management and enables users to onboard quicker and is free to get started. HCP Vault is our enterprise offering supporting a broader set of use cases including data encryption and certificate management.

HCP Vault Secrets is available globally and hosted in the US. Some capabilities such as Secret Syncing to AWS will be available for only US regions first.

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