The 5 Marks of a Hybrid Cloud Operating Model

Most large enterprises are finding themselves in a heterogeneous, hybrid infrastructure environment. HashiCorp’s Stephen Wilson shares 5 keys to thrive in this setting.


  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen WilsonChief Enablement Architect, HashiCorp

Finding their way to a DevOps mode of software delivery is hard for many large enterprises. Looking through their technology portfolios is like looking through the history of computing, with everything from VMs, to mainframes, to on-premise clouds, outsourced public cloud services, and containers. The slogging pace of modernization for these heterogeneous infrastructures is concerning for these organizations, which are constantly on the brink of being outflanked by more nimble startups.

HashiCorp solutions engineer Stephen Wilson has been embedded in many of these organizations, helping them realize their potential, and he's often found that there are 5 key principles or “marks” that you often see the most quick-to-modernize enterprises following:

  1. Goals over Technology (not the other way around)
  2. Immutable as Possible (don't change things, destroy and start new, standard instances)
  3. Configuration on Demand (dynamic, pub/sub style changes)
  4. Security Baked In (not the last resort)
  5. Change at Will (smaller, more frequent updates)

Wilson dives deep into these 5 marks to explain not only the tactical implementation, but how to measure what you are doing. It will reassure those that are on the right path while guiding those that beg direction on the processes of digital transformation within a hybrid, multi-cloud world. Open-source tooling can support you in this shift. With Terraform ensuring fast, repeatable, yet compliant provisioning, Vault assisting in data protection and key management, and Consul radically simplifying network security and management, your development teams will be empowered to innovate at a speed comparable to disruptive startups.

Make time for the full 45-minute session to help you align the right technology to your goals.

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