A Blueprint for Application Modernization With Waypoint, Dapr, and Ploigos

Get a blueprint for breaking your monolithic architecture into microservices using DDD, Dapr, Plogios, and HashiCorp Waypoint.

George Hantzaras, the director of cloud platform engineering at Citrix is thinking about new ways to move enterprises to microservice architectures and provide self-service operational platforms for developers to just code without having to focus on ops.

They've been experimenting with a lot of newer tools, including HashiCorp Waypoint, which they recently used to build a proof of concept higher level abstraction platform for builds, releases, and deployment called "WayPaaS".

What You'll Learn

In this talk, Hantzaras will talk about the trends in application modernization, microservices, and how to move through the migration process by using domain-driven design, Dapr for service networking, Plogios for Kubernetes management, and Waypoint for simplifying build, release, and deploy. Here's a description of each tool:

  • Dapr: A toolkit for smart client style service networking (an each-application developer-side alternative to service mesh)

  • Ploigos: A new project (you can't find the code yet) that's part Kubernetes distro, part Kops/Kubicorn-esque management tool, and part operator marketplace/manager/deployment.

  • HashiCorp Waypoint: An application deployment tool that aims to deliver a PaaS-like experience for Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and other platforms.

And check out the other talk Hantzaras gave this year: Building a PaaS with Waypoint.

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