Case Study

How Adobe does 100 trillion transactions with HashiCorp Vault

Dan McTeer provides Adobe cloud services used by 67% of the Fortune 50. Here’s how he keeps his customers safe using HashiCorp Vault Enterprise.

Dan McTeer provides Adobe cloud services used by 67% of the Fortune 50. For example, have you ever:

  • Gotten access to HBO?

  • Streamed the Superbowl on a mobile device?

...well you’ve used one of the Adobe 23 products that Dan helps keep secure.

The products run on 100,000 hosts globally, in AWS, Azure and Adobe data centers. So “sprawl” is a big issue.

Using tools such as HashiCorp Vault Enterprise, Dan’s team handles the security and compliance layer, so other teams can focus on the customer. Adobe runs more than 12 Vault clusters globally, linked by an underlying network fabric.

Standardization and consistency are the key benefits that Adobe gets from using Vault in this way. It’s allowed Dan’s team to increase the performance of a key security process by a factor of 300 (from 2–3 hours down to 30 seconds).

And the kicker? It’s even improved Dan’s marriage.


  • Dan McTeer
    Dan McTeerTechnical Specialist, HashiCorp

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